Family Law Cases:
3 Options Available

Tier 2 Cases

Tier 1 Cases

Tier 3 Cases

Initial Retainer + Hourly Rate

Up Front, Flat Fee

Flat Fee for Uncontested Divorces

Tier 1 is for uncontested divorces that don't involve complex division of marital assets, child custody, or other similar issues. For a flat fee of $300, we'll prepare a Martial Dissolution Agreement for you to take to your spouse. If your spouse agrees to sign the agreement, we'll file the case for your and prepare a Final Decree of Divorce. Then our attorneys will appear with you to have the Court approve and finalize your divorce. We don't offer this service for complex cases, but if you are able to agree with your spouse about the issues in your case, and there are no children, this is the best option for you.

Teir 2 is best for complex cases that involve one or more of the following issues: division of martial assets, child custody and visitation, child support, and/or spousal support. This is option that most of our clients choose. You can pay an initial retainer and, once that is exhausted, we'll bill you monthly at a rate of $225/hour for attorney time and $75/hour for paralegal time.


Tier 3 is our most cost-effective option for cases in which children are involved, or other matters are in dispute. This option is best if you want to know exactly how much you will pay and can pay it all up front and be done with it so. The cost varies based upon the expected complexity of the case, so we quote fees that are tailored to your unique circumstances. This option is best for people who want certainty about how much their case will cost and can pay the full cost at the beginning of the case. 

Flat Fees in Criminal Cases

We generally charge flat fees for representation in criminal cases. Also, we represent people in the criminal courts of Tennessee and Georgia, in addition to Federal Courts. Because of that, we have to meet with you to go over the unique facts and circumstances of your case  in order to give you a competitive price. 


Our pricing does not include case expenses such as filing fees, fines, court-reporter fees, expert witness fees, etc.
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